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Appraisals and Valuations in Huntington, NY

Antique Chair and Table – Appraisals in Huntington, NY
Do you have miscellaneous items that could be hidden treasure? Would you like an accurate evaluation of some of your possessions? Have you inherited a family heirloom and want to know what it is worth? Call Joanna Badami Appraisals Ltd. She can provide you with an accurate appraisal of the item or items you would like to know all about. The appraisal can be a verbal valuation or a written document, depending on your needs.
Joanna Badami has more than 25 years experience appraising and evaluating household furnishings including paintings, prints, sculpture, furniture, silver, porcelain, glass, rugs and textiles.

Joanna Badami Appraisals Ltd. can offer appraisals for Insurance, Estate Planning, Estate Tax Information, Charitable Donations, Equitable Distribution and Damage/Loss. Expert Witness Testimony can be arranged as well.

What Can Be Appraised?

We can appraise general household furnishings including:
  • Furniture
  • Paintings & All Fine Art
  • Silver
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Rugs and Textiles
  • Household Furnishings
  • Collectibles
Call us today at 631-271-7018 to discuss what you would like to have appraised or click the contact form button on the right to send us an email.

Why An Appraisal? What Kind of Appraisal?

  • Replacement Valuation for Insurance.
  • Fair Market Valuation for trust - estate planning and estate tax.
  • Fair Market Valuation for equitable distribution among heirs.
  • Marketable Cash Valuation for divorce situations.
  • Current Market Valuation for art advisory - investment.
  • Fair Market Valuation for general information, when a client wants to know, "What's it worth?" for a possible sale.
  • Replacement Valuation for damage/loss.